Summer’s last hurrah

With the last days of summer tugging at us to come out and play, we packed up the Airstream, loaded the kayak and bicycles, and hit the road for a camping getaway at Sequim Bay State Park.

Our campsite peeked through a veil of trees to the bay shimmering in sunlight just beyond. The park has half a dozen sites with views of the water and we were thankful to have one of them. Other sites have hook-ups for RVs, but are closer to Highway 101. We like the quiet, and dry camping isn’t a concern.

Sequim Bay 8   Sequim Bay 9

 After settling in, hubby, pooch and I took off to explore and found a trail that wound down to the beach. A wooden bridge had been constructed over a streambed that no doubt rushed and gurgled in the spring, but was dry this time of year. Salal spilled across the bluff, ripe with berries, and partial tree roots jutted out from where they’d once hidden in the soil, now at risk of toppling into the sea in a strong wind.

Sequim Bay 1   Sequim Bay 2 Sequim Bay 3   Sequim Bay 14

The trail meandered back up to the campsites and ultimately brought us to the bicycle/hiker sites on the edge of the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT).

 Morning’s first light reflected in glassy stillness on the bay, beckoning us to plunge through it creating a wake with our kayak.

 Sequim Bay 10   Sequim Bay 11

Next I wanted to check out the House of Myths where the totem poles are carved by the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe. It was an easy bicycle ride on the ODT. The totems take on a life of their own under the capable hands of the carvers and, for me, the room was filled with magic and spirits.

Sequim Bay 4   Sequim Bay 5 Sequim Bay 6   Sequim Bay 7

S’mores around the campfire topped off dinner and a perfect getaway. We left early the next morning, heading back to work refreshed and renewed from a tranquil respite in the woods.

Sequim Bay 12   Sequim Bay 13


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