Return of my muse

It’s been a year and half hiatus since that elusive essence of inspiration left me. Yes, I’ve still been writing, but it’s been the stuff of business—news releases, marketing copy, product descriptions and blogs for clients. But it hasn’t been the clamoring voices of the characters from my novel nor a burning desire to write poetry nor share the innermost thoughts of my heart.

What causes that spark of deeper communication to disappear?

I think it stems from Life when it gets too complicated or perhaps when the conflict in our daily lives is more intense than what we’re creating in our fictional stories.

It makes me appreciate professional authors all the more. I have friends who write every day no matter what craziness is going on their worlds. As a result, they’re successful, well-respected authors. I peter out and duck behind a busy, over-achieving work life. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs. Yes, I’m making a living and doing my job, but am I fulfilling my heart’s deepest desires?

I forget to nurture my muse and so she abandons me, searching for another who will feed her yearning for creative release.

This summer, I’ve reacquainted myself with my muse. Oddly, it started with selling a story to a regional magazine. Bless that editor! It was just the push I needed to sit down and write about a subject I love. I’ll post it here when the article is in print.

Fresh ideas began to sprout for other stories and I sent off a few more queries. Bam! Same editor liked my first story so much he gave me an assignment for a feature in their spring issue. You can bet I was doing my happy dance! I’m back in the game, once again writing a little bit every day. You’ll hear more from me now. Look for blog posts about our travels and things that inspire me.

The nurturing I mentioned above is important. It’s about getting off the merry-go-round and taking time to go for hikes with my dog, fly down single track trails on my mountain bike, walk on the beach, get out on the water in our kayak and spend time having creative, fascinating conversations with family and friends. These are the things that soothe my soul, ease my heart and nurture my muse.

Here’s a toast, with a glass of wine, to the return of my muse. Salut!

Early morning light at Cushman 7.14Lake Cushman 7.14

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