Christmas Eve 2011

This is always a magical night for me. We celebrate with family and friends through music, singing and a giving spirit reflected in the gifting of presents, cooking and sharing delicious food. Throughout it all the focus is Love.

More than any time of the year, we have unconditional love for one another. What a beautiful gift this truly is. Let this holiday season be one without expectations—no preconceived ideas about what would make a “perfect” Christmas.

My wish is for us all to let go of what we think our family and friends should be or do. That means our interactions with one another can flow organically, without an expectation of who should be at dinner, where one should be celebrating or what gift should be given.

Christmas and the holiday season simply is what it is and we let the love flow freely, landing as it will and filling one another with happiness. It sounds utopian, but truly, if we relinquish our expectations and judgments about what we think should transpire, we are free to enjoy every single moment in the beauty of this season.

A few days ago we celebrated the Winter Solstice, calling forth the light from the void of winter darkness—a time of rest and contemplation— and into the glowing promise of illumination. It’s a time of rejoicing, a time of shimmering in this newborn radiance and letting unconditional love prevail.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas, filled with Magic, Light and Love.

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